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How to start selling with live chat?

When taking a sales-focused approach to live chat there are 5 important steps to follow: 1) plan a sales strategy, 2) set goals for live chat sales, 3) select the right metrics, 4) allocate resources and 5) create post-chat process.

Planning a sales strategy means deciding what kind of visitors, and in what stage of the buying process, should be contacted. A realistic goal for sales-oriented chat can be for example increasing conversion rate or increasing the number of contact details collected.

When talking about live chat sales the most sensible thing to measure is the outcome of chat conversations (meaning sales, leads). Furthermore, as live chat is not useful for anyone if left unattended, making sure live chat service is handled by adequate resources is also of critical importance.

Finally, to make sure that everything goes smoothly even after the chat conversation has ended, it is good to ensure that the customer knows what the next step is going to be (if the sale is not closed during the chat) and, also to have internal processes ready to secure proper handling of this lead.


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