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How to make sure that right people respond to chat conversations?

Assigning right people to answer chat conversation can be done in two ways.

The first strategy is to divide a website into smaller parts and each part can be assigned a team of chat agents with a specific skill set. When a customer clicks the ‘Chat with us’ -button, the chat agent the conversation is assigned depends on what page the customer was when clicking the button. For example, chats from ‘contact us’ -page can be assigned to customer service team, while a chats from product page can be assigned to sales.

The second strategy is to divide the chat agents into different levels of support. The first line would be have answers to most common questions and would handle majority of all chat conversations. The second line would consists of topic experts, who would be invited to chat conversations when the knowhow of first-line chat agents runs out. Depending on the volume, these experts can either rotate shifts on chat or they can act as external on-call experts. Some companies use mobile chat app to reach the experts on the go, eliminating the need for the experts to have the live chat on on their desktop during the day.

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