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Does live chat increase conversion in online stores?

Live chat can be a great way to increase conversion on a on an online store and ecommerce sites.

The opportunity for a conversion increase is based on overcoming the hesitance and confusion at the moment of checkout on online stores, reasons which cause majority of shopping cart abandonments. To profit from this opportunity is possible by tracking the customer behavior that most often lead to cart abandonment and targeting those situations with a proactive chat.

For example, an ecommerce site might notice high exit rate on a page where the shipping method is chosen, so targeting a proactive chat to visitors who are on that page without immediately making a choice, gives the customer service agent an opportunity to close the deal.

Another use case would be to offer help already when the visitor is browsing different products. While this takes up more resources, helping the visitor find the right products generally increases the conversion rate. The proactive chat can be targeted to visitors who have browsed through more than 3 products, without putting anything in their shopping cart.

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