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Do customers prefer live chat over phone or email?

Yes, many customers prefer live chat over the phone and email, especially the younger audience.

After all, how many times have you seen a teenager actually talking to a phone? Some of our customers have even been able to close down some of the email channels after an introduction of a live chat service. Phone, however, cannot be fully replaced by live chat as it remains the most preferred channel of contact to many, especially those grown accustomed to it.

Often the most preferred contact channel is the one most conveniently available, which creates opportunities to decide which contact channels the customers prefer. Making the live chat available on every page of the website reduces both emails and phone calls, thus increasing the overall efficiency of customer service. If live chat resourcing works efficiently and wait times in chat service are kept below the recommended 10 seconds, promoting live chat as the fastest way to get in touch also increases the preference of live chat.


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