Chatbots unleash your team's full potential

Up to 80% of customer interactions are repetitive. Most of your service agents' time is spent on unproductive tasks. We believe in using chatbots as a clever assistant, leaving that human touch for those cases that really need your agents' attention

Our chatbot platform is the perfect playground for bots to operate in, best in market actually! And we have partnered with some of the best providers out there to deliver the perfect bot solution for our customers.

giosg chatbot first line of service.png

Chatbots are your first line of customer service

  • Chatbots take all the conversations with visitors so your customer service team can focus on the tricky ones.

  • If the chatbot doesn’t know an answer, it calls in your chat agents

  • The chatbot is constantly learning so your agents never have to repeat themselves again.

giosg chatbot is smart assistant.png

Intelligent assistant to your customer service team

  • When the customer service agent takes over the conversation, the chatbot goes quiet.

  • It keeps on helping as an intelligent assistant for the agent.

  • Your customer service is currently 20% thinking and 80% typing. Chatbots will remove most of the typing (and some of the thinking.)

Let's discuss how chatbots can help you streamline your customer service!

See how chatbots help you streamline customer service!