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Capture 3x more leads with giosg Interaction Designer

Want to capture 3x more leads?

Is it time to ditch those static forms and replace them with interactive lead capture?

Is it time to start targeting the right website visitors with the right content at the right time?

You know best how to drive high-quality visitors to your website. But once they are there... Let us help you to convert them!

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Convert your most valuable visitors with giosg Interaction Designer

Success in lead generation means striking the right balance between high lead quality and high lead form conversion rates. Giosg helps you to boost both.

Use giosg Interaction Designer to take your lead capture to the next level with chatbots, multistep forms and onsite behavioural targeting.

Convert more leads with with giosg conversational bots.

Lead generation chatbots

Chatbots bring a natural conversational flow to lead capture. This personalized approach builds trust with your website visitors and makes it easy to get highly qualified leads.

How do you want your visitors to interact with your lead generation bots? That is up to you:

✔️ Button triggered: Activate your bot by a click on your CTA. No need to redirect to landing pages. 

✔️ In-page bots: Create interaction on your website and engage with your visitors while they are consuming your content.

✔️ Pop-up bots: Use real-time data to show the right content to your most valuable visitors.




Multistep forms

The length of your forms has a clear correlation with your lead quality and your conversion rates:


💡 Fewer form fields = higher conversion
💡 More form fields = highly qualified leads


Sometimes you just need to collect a significant amount of data from your customer before you can pass a qualified lead to your sales team. This is where multistep forms shine. 


Multistep forms are just as they sound - long forms broken into multiple views. Capture the lead first and follow up with your qualifying questions. 

giosg multistep forms improve your lead quality and quantity
giosg behavioral targeting improves your website conversion rates

Onsite behavioral targeting

Onsite behavioural targeting allows you to interact with your customer at the right time with the right content.

giosg Interaction designer offers 30+ different ways to target your website visitors with bots, forms and other interactions.


Some of our favourites: 
✔️ What page your visitor is on 
✔️ Where your visitors are on your page
✔️ Where they came from: campaign URL, traffic source, etc. 
✔️ Which country a visitor is in 
✔️ Time spent on page 
✔️ The number of sessions on your website
✔️ The value of a visitors basket or shopping cart 
✔️ Type of device i.e. tablet, computer or phone.



Create interactions that drive


more leads compared to static forms


more newsletter subscribers


better MQL to SQL conversion

Want to try what works best for your business?

We are now opening up giosg Interaction Designer for a 30-day trial.
What are you going to try first? Multistep forms or lead generation bots?

Customise, publish and optimise on the fly

Get started with giosg Interaction Designer's ready-to-use templates

Ready-to-use templates

Ready templates with the latest lead capture best practices to get you going in no-time.

Integrate your customer data systems with giosg Interaction Designer

Integrate with your CRM

Let your valuable lead data flow seamlessly to your CRM and marketing automation software.

Connect giosg Interaction Designer's goal tracking to maximise your campaigns for conversions

Optimise your marketing campaigns

Connect your PPC accounts with giosg's goal tracking and optimise campaigns for your specific conversion goals. No separate thank you pages needed.

Test new ideas and monirot performance with giosg Interaction Designer's built-in A/B testing.

Built-in A/B testing

Test your ideas with built-in A/B testing. Monitor which version of your form or bot performs best and then update and republish within minutes.

Interaction Designer is giosg's no-code solution for form and chatbot design

No coding required

Giosg Interaction Designer is a no-code solution for publishing interactive content with drag-and-drop.

giosg Interaction Designer lets you fully customize your interactions, so that you always provide a full brand experience

Fully customizable

All the elements you create can be fully customised to match the look and feel of your brand to provide a full brand experience to your customers.

“Giosg has a great tool that helps us quickly, efficiently and effortlessly solve our online store challenges. We loved giosg Interaction Designer immediately and saw from the beginning all the potential ways we could benefit from giosg’s cost-effective services.”

Ina Mickelsson, eCommerce Manager
Staples Finland

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