Bonti Strengthens its e-Commerce with giosg's Interactive Quiz


Bonti, a Swedish company and royal court supplier that sells prams and baby items, has discovered a great way to sell their products via interactive quizzes with giosg. Giosg is the leading tech and software company that combines live chat, bots, conversational AI and interactive website content. By creating an interactive quiz, with giosg's product Interaction Builder, Bonti has strengthened its e-commerce strategy in a unique way by offering personal advice.

The e-commerce industry continues to grow rapidly following the grip of the pandemic, and baby items and prams are no exception. Bonti currently has three stores in Stockholm and one e-commerce platform.

To stand out among competitors, they want to offer their customers something extra in addition to a traditional and standardized website; they want to create personal service in a smart and fun way. Through giosg’s interactive quiz, which has been live on Bonti's website since October 2020, they have built a more engaging experience for existing and potential customers. With this solution, they can ask relevant questions - and shape the offer according to the customer's needs.

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“I am super happy with giosg and the way we easily can build advice for customers that is informative but still fun - that makes our customers happy. It's easy to go from an idea to an actual finished product with giosg. There are few things that cannot be created with the tool, as long as you have a clear plan. I look forward to building more quizzes and being able to help customers on several different parts of our site!”, Comments Erica Jonson, CRM Manager at Bonti.

In the baby items industry, prams are a complex product to choose from, and there are many different parameters to have in mind. With the quiz created in giosg's Interaction Builder tool, Bonti can guide customers that don’t have the opportunity to enter a physical store, to find the right product. Through giosg, Bonti can also connect with customers by phone to offer pram advice in order to help the customer - which leads to sales.

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Giosg is a Sales Acceleration Platform that combines live chat, chatbots, AI, and interactive content to help companies build engaging online experiences that turn into sales — fast. We want to reimagine, redefine and revalue the interaction between organisations and people in the digital world. Today, over 1200 companies worldwide in retail, automotive and real estate, among others, have joined us in our quest.
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About Bonti
Bonti is your go-to baby shop with 30 years of experience. The first store opened in 1991, and the first version of was launched in 1995. Today we run three physical stores and an e-commerce that was relaunched in October. The curiosity about new and innovative products, the desire to deliver the highest possible quality and a warm personal treatment are the basic ideas that once led to Bonti's birth and success. These ideas are with Bonti even today. We like to look at things differently and have the ambition to challenge a traditional industry.
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