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What happens when all chat agents are busy?

Here we can only speak for ourselves, but as the number of incoming chats is strongly affected by the number of proactive conversation starters made to visitors, no proactive chat messages are sent out when all chat agents are busy.  Pausing these autosuggest chat messages until more capacity frees up gives agents more time to complete the ongoing conversations

Still, just to be clear, this doesn’t change the fact that website visitors can still initiate a chat conversation by clicking the ‘chat with us’ button.

So, in case all chat agents truly have their hands full with work and there is no immediate relief in sight, it might be best to change the status of all chat agents from online to offline and then either replace chat with other type actions, like a Lead Call form for collecting contact information for later use, or, if possible, direct all incoming chats to another team or an outsourced chat service provider.


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