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[GDPR] How to inform visitors about the use of giosg services?

When you decide to start using giosg on your website, we recommend ensuring that you have the following policies/information available for your visitors on your website:

An up-to-date cookie policy

Like most similar services and websites, giosg services use cookies for personalization, analytics and tracking. Therefore a cookie policy/disclaimer informing visitors about the use of third party cookies is recommended. Feel free to mention giosg and provide a link to our terms of service as part of your cookie policy.

Notice regarding personal data

The tracking and storage or the following visitor personal data and the analytics data saved with it:

- IP address

- Content of chat conversations

- Visited URLs

- Referrer URL

- Timestamp

- Operating system

- Device

- Browser

Giosg does not transfer any data outside of the EU/ETA.

Notice regarding data benchmarking

In order to ensure and improve the quality of our services, we collect and analyze some information about the traffic our software handles.

This benchmark information is always anonymous and cannot be connected to any end visitor or customer entity. Nevertheless you may wish to inform your end visitors about this benchmarking for the sake of transparency.


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