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How to ensure excellent customer experience with chatbots?

Ensuring excellent customer experience with chatbots comes down to three issues: transparency, strict confidence level threshold and having a failure plan. First, we suggest being transparent about using a bot: ask your marketing team to design a fancy name for it, maybe even create a cool profile picture for it. This way the the visitor knows he is talking with a bot and can adjust his expectations.

Second, make sure you are strict about the bot's confidence level threshold. The lower you set the threshold, the longer the bot keeps the conversation going (saving your resources), but the more likely it is to stop making sense. We recommend starting with 95% confidence level and measuring the customer satisfaction closely. If customers remain happy, you can bring that threshold closer to 90%.

Third, make sure you have a process and resources in place when the bot's confidence level drops below the threshold and it no longer knows how to reply to visitors. One option is to have a wide team of customer service agents ready to be invited into the conversation (you can even route that request into your CS queue, just make sure to prioritise it heavily). Second options is to have the bot asking for contact details and promising a follow-up call. Just make sure you have a process to make that call in a timely manner.


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