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How to achieve 10 second response time in live chat?

The response time in live chat is influenced by two factors: the number of incoming chat conversations and the total capacity of the chat agents to handle conversations.

The total capacity of the chat agents is heavily affected by their presence on the chat console. The less other tasks the chat agents have, the more simultaneous chat conversations they can have and the faster their reaction is to new incoming conversations.

The number of incoming chat conversations is affected by the availability of the ‘chat now’ -button on the website and, more strongly, the number of proactive conversation starters made to visitors. When the total capacity of the chat agents gets close to the maximum capacity, the proactive chat messages can automatically be halted until more capacity frees up. This will result in less incoming conversations, giving agents more time to complete the ongoing conversations.

The more radical way is to hide the ‘Chat now’ -button from the page or from certain parts of the page, making it impossible for customers (in certain pages) to start a conversation. However, this strategy should be pursued with caution, as it might give an inconsistent image of the company’s service channels and methods.


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