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giosg compliance with GDPR?

The GDPR regulation introduces new, stricter rules for EU data protection. It affects all companies with business in Europe, including us at giosg as well as most of our customers. The changes brought by the GDPR include requirements about data security and privacy documentation.

We have been working with high-security industries, such as banking and healthcare, for various years now. This has led us to develop high-security features way ahead of GDPR, such as the ability to control IP access and to encrypt chat messages. Now our clients across industries can benefit from this development as they prepare for the GDPR.

We have taken a series of steps to ensure compliance for our clients using our services. We are also keeping a close eye on any further guidance issued by data protection authorities.

Here below (under Related Questions section) we have tried to answer the most common questions regarding the privacy of our services. We are also happy to provide any additional information and documents.


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