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Does live chat affect site speed?

Here we can only speak for ourselves, but the answer is no, Giosg Live chat doesn’t really affect the site speed.

Giosg Live script tag is asynchronous and doesn't have much impact on initial rendering speed of your website. Asynchronous means that Giosg script tag writes another script to your website and starts loading scripts in parallel with other resources of the page so that loading of Giosg Live doesn't block rendering of the page.

Only customer specific settings need to be downloaded for every page load. Other resources and scripts that Giosg uses are heavily cached until new version is released from Giosg. This means that if website visitor has visited your site or some other site that has Giosg installed they already have all the scripts available except customer specific settings. Resources are also compressed using GZIP to minimize bandwidth usage. Javascript and CSS files are also minified. For very slow mobile connections downloading of Giosg scripts in parallel with actual page may slow down page loading but this is not notable for majority of users. Usually there are other factors that affect the website speed more than giosg live chat.



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