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The attention span of the average consumer is 8 seconds 

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So it is essential to engage your customers - fast

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The fleeting focus of the digital window shopper doesn't leave you much time to make a sales pitch.

You need to provide an online experience that not only immediately engages them, but also understands their individual needs and motivations.

Today's consumers crave meaningful interaction - a bespoke online journey that is unique to them alone. A personalised, streamlined experience is the key to having happy users. And happier users mean higher sales.

Discover how, with giosg’s sophisticated AI-driven software, your business can...

  • Boost sales, satisfaction and engagement by delivering the responsive, personalised experience that online shoppers crave.
  • Transform your ROI figures by engaging site visitors with sales-focused live chat.
  • Personalise perks and offers to convert colder leads, using smart workflows to make your offer appear on the right place at the right time.

giosg Live Chat - Designed for efficiency, powered by AI 

Being proactive with automated chat messages is a great way for estate agencts to start a sales discussion with website visitors.

Discover how our live chat function can make your customer services five times more efficient.


Explore the key features below

Use capacity to adjust the number of inbound conversations.
Work with and across teams. See who’s online and how many chats they have.
Utilise efficient UI to keep track of multiple conversations at once.
Take advantage of real-time tracking of prospective visitors.
Boost conversion by letting AI-powered visitor targeting find the right conversations for you.
Interact easily with your teammates, forward chats to them and ask them to join conversations with customers.
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giosg Target

Reset the rules of customer engagement

Every customer is unique, and different individuals are receptive to different marketing approaches. Learn how, with giosg Target, you can adapt your brand content to correspond with the situational needs of any individual site visitor in real time.

Using AI-powered targeting to increase conversion rate for XXL's online store

Over a three-month period, XXL had more than 1 million visits.The conversion rate for the machine learning group was 6.6% higher than the conversion rate for the group with no treatment.




Find out how Nordic sportswear and equipment retailer XXL improved their online revenue using giosg, securing more than double the standard online store conversion rate.


Read the XXL case study