Live chat increases Delete's potential online business by 15 million

B2B company Delete sources 25% of its proposal requests through live chat and increases potential online business by €15 million. 

The Challenge

Delivering outstanding customer experience is an essential part of Delete’s brand, as such, they aim to resolve customer issues quickly whilst offering the highest-quality service. The re-launch of their company website had increased their number of online visitors by 20%, from an average of 13,000 monthly visits in 2015 to almost 15,000 in 2017. Yet, the number of proposal requests had failed to increase at the same rate, an issue which the company was eager to address.

Enter giosg

Delete chose giosg’s software because of its excellent features, ease-of-use and ability to provide valuable data to support decision-making. The company first started using live chat at the end of 2015. Today, Delete’s online live chat service is made up of giosg software and a team of outsourced chat agents trained to respond to customer queries. The leads generated through this channel are sent directly to Delete’s CRM, and outside opening hours, the contact details of potential customers are recorded using a lead collection form.

The software has also enabled Delete to create smart rules on various pages and to customise the automated greeting messages for different contexts, for instance, different messages are displayed for first-time visitors, first-time visitors arriving through search engines, visitors arriving from online advertising, returning visitors, visitors browsing on contact details pages and visitors browsing on the news page.



The ROI of the live chat service has been astonishingly high- the monthly cost of service, including the software fee and the outsourced agent cost, is €1,500, and every month Delete receives around 100 proposal requests (RFPs) through this channel, which account for €10million annually. Furthermore, the live chat implementation has increased the total number of leads collected by the company by 30%. To-date, the company’s website is the single most important sales channel.

The live chat service has also enabled Delete to take customer experience to the next level. With giosg’s solution the company has gained a deeper understanding of customer behaviour on their website, and by using information collected on the chat conversations they have been able to redesign their website to better satisfy their customers’ needs and expectations.  

"Working with giosg has been a great and eye-opening experience for us. We have gained valuable insight into our consumers’ behaviour and, it has helped us create a streamlined sales process producing excellent results." 

Petri Uomala, Marketing Director, Delete

About the company

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With an annual turnover of €200 million (2017), Delete is one of the leading environmental full-service providers in the Nordic region. They offer business-critical services that require specialised competencies and equipment through three business segments- Industrial Cleaning Services, Demolition Services, and Recycling Services. Established in 2010 and headquartered in Helsinki, Delete currently operates in more than 30 locations in Finland and Sweden, with a headcount of approximately 1000 employees.