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 Kimmo’s path from Software Developer to Team Leader

Kimmo has been working at giosg since summer 2013 when CEO Ville Rissanen recruited him to the crew.

“I started my giosg career as a software developer, it has been exciting to see how the company has developed and grown during my time here. And what's even better, is that I feel that my work here has had a real impact in the company's development.  

A couple of years ago, I got a great opportunity to start as a Team Leader for Team Hogwarts. I have a major role in giosg’s technical big picture and designing our technical architecture. Together with our team’s Product Owner I plan, prioritise, and delegate tasks to our team members.”


Kimmo explains how his team of developers came to be known as Team Hogwarts- 

“Team Hogwarts was born when I asked my team to come up with a good team name, I warned them that if they didn’t come up with something, we'd be called Team Hogwarts, and here we are! The name is actually appropriate, because it is ‘where the magic happens’. 

Team Hogwarts is in charge of the real-time communication platform. We ensure that messages reach all parties in real time. Most giosg products are built on top of the platform developed by Team Hogwarts. Our very own chat is one notable example.”


It is giosg's welcoming atmosphere, from the friendly colleagues to the ability to make suggestions that have an impact on the company's future, that really stands out to Kimmo. 

“I enjoy coming into work every morning, the colleagues are awesome and our office has a warm atmosphere. We also have lots of activities outside the work, like board game nights. We have fun here!  

I feel that I really have an impact on what we do. It’s exciting to see giosg growing fast and recruit a bigger crew to execute our technical vision. The company really has the potential to make great things happen.”


 Kimmo Kiiski

Software Engineer Team Lead


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