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Joakim's experience as a Sales Manager 


Prospecting, researching companies and industries, cold calling and having demo meetings with potential customers are part of Joakim’s daily life as a Sales Manager. New customer acquisition at its best.

Joakim worked in retail, direct sales and back office roles before making his way to giosg. As a  business development graduate , the idea of being a part of establishing a new market was intriguing.

“I guess what drove me to giosg was the ‘startup feeling’. The short decision paths, the low hierarchy and the possibility to have a real impact. Like there’s nothing that can’t be decided over a lunch. It’s definitely a challenge selling an (still) unknown brand to the Swedish market, but the challenge is what makes it fun”

Joakim hadn’t heard about giosg before stumbling upon the opportunity. If he had to name the best part about his job (besides his epic colleagues) it’s all the interesting people he gets to meet, from one person companies to managers of multinational corporations.

“We are a small team with very different backgrounds and varying levels of experience, it’s easy to ask anyone for help. We work well together and have lots of fun. New customer acquisition is ups and downs. Although at giosg, it’s mostly ups.” - Joakim


Joakim Ahlmén

Sales Manager


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