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 Jenni's story- the benefits of combining work with studies

In spring 2015, Jenni got an email from giosg, they were looking for a Software Designer to join their team. Jenni decided to apply for the position and soon started working alongside her studies in Information and Computer Science at Aalto University.
“I have been working as a full-stack developer since the start of my giosg career. I've had the chance to design and implement different components in giosg's platform, ranging from APIs to user interfaces. I'm happy that, even as a student, I was given a high level of responsibility and insights into a wide range of technologies. I have been able to develop my skills further thanks to my talented, helpful colleagues."

Jenni has really valued the option to work alongside her studies and giosg's flexibility-

“Since the beginning of my employment, I have worked on a part time basis, focusing on my studies around 3 days a week. During the summer I have been able to work full-time. giosg has been flexible and provided the opportunity to combine work and studies effortlessly. For instance, some days I go to lectures in the morning and come to the office in the afternoon.
I will start writing my master’s thesis for giosg, aiming to graduate in June 2018. I feel that they have encouraged me to finish my studies and working has brought a nice balance to the time spent studying.”


Jenni Pajukoski

Software Designer


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