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How to use proactive chat to convert visitors into customers

Posted by Christian Lelo de Larrea Gaudiano, on 20 September, 2017

In this blog we will talk the two strategies for converting online visitors; proactive and reactive chatting. We will also give our recommendations based on what we have come to find from our experien...

How to increase your conversion rate using real-time analytics and machine learning tools? [Video]

Posted by Päivi Harju, on 20 September, 2017

Most industries working with large amounts of data have already recognised the value of machine learning technology. By using machine learning algorithms to build models that uncover connections and i...

Why Shopping Cart Abandonment is Actually a Great Opportunity?

Posted by Immo Salonen, on 21 September, 2017

The brutal fact is that roughly 70% of shopping carts are abandoned and the number is most likely going to increase as more consumers shift to online and mobile shopping. By 2018 the expected value of...

Why is personalization the future of E-commerce?

Posted by Immo Salonen, on 14 December, 2017

What does personalization mean and why does it even matter? Let me start with a real-life example. Couple of years ago a friend of mine decided to enter a triathlon race. That was not something I had ...

How real-time analytics can help you recognize hesitant buyers

Posted by Otto Nyberg, on 18 September, 2017

As an E-commerce professional you are painfully aware of the fact that only a fraction of all your web store visitors will actually buy. Still, getting visitors to engage and follow a path to conversi...

Introduction of a Sales-Focused Webchat

Posted by Ilkka Vertanen, on 7 October, 2016

When discussing the introduction of a sales-focused webchat with our customers, the conversations revolve around five themes: sales strategy, goals, metrics, resources, and post-chat processes. I try ...