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5 Secrets for Successful Conversational Marketing

Posted by Bharat Patel, on 30 May, 2022

What’s conversational marketing all about? Conversational marketing is a type of marketing that relies heavily on chatbots and other conversational interfaces. This form of marketing aims to create a ...

Try These 4 Gamification Marketing Ideas To Boost Brand Engagement

Posted by Jade Ventoniemi, on 11 April, 2022

Too many business websites are dull or simply blend in with the crowd. Websites like these do their job as a place for transactions, but they don’t do anything more to boost brand engagement. However,...

6 Ways Chatbots Influence your Marketing ROI

Posted by David Morneau, on 19 May, 2022

Process automation is now more habitual for businesses than ever before – we strive to take advantage of new technology to improve, optimize, and make more profit.

All you need to know about Machine learning [Data Scientist Interview]

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 15 March, 2022

Sci-fi has painted many horror pictures of the future of machines taking over the world. These grim visions of all-powerful machines are some of the many misconceptions people have about AI and Machin...

3 Ways to Nurture Leads in eCommerce

Posted by Kristina Shkriabina, on 19 May, 2022

An eCommerce business should never be only about selling a product but also about developing relationships with your audience. People want to do business with organisations that they trust act with cu...

8 eCommerce Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales on Your Website

Posted by Taryn Maunumäki, on 25 May, 2022

Props to the eCommerce marketers, we know how hard it is to stand out in a crowded industry.

7 Marketing Automation Ideas for Your eCommerce Site

Posted by Adelina Karpenkova, on 24 May, 2022

How many visitors land on your site every day? A thousand? A few hundred thousand? With an average conversion rate of an eCommerce site of 2.3%, you inevitably lose 97.7% of visitors. But you don’t ha...

MarTech Nordic 2021 — The Disappearance of 3rd Party Cookies Highlights Data-based Marketing

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 8 June, 2022

A house DJ spinning his magic at 10 am on a Wednesday, is it a holiday party in Ibiza or the virtual MarTech Nordic event starting up?

How to Align Sales and Marketing - The Easy Smarketing Guide

Posted by Jade Ventoniemi, on 13 June, 2022

When you look at your sales and marketing departments, does each department work harmoniously with one another sharing data, leads, and feedback without any prompting needed? Or do they have their bli...