How to push hesitant visitors into purchase

By Petri Vilpponen, on 21 September, 2017


Hesitant visitors are thorns in the flesh of many eCommerce leaders. Around 35% of visitors bounce before getting even started. And out of those who get started, almost 73% vanish at the final strecth and abandon their shopping cart.

So, what can you do to help your hesitant visitors to overcome their hesitance - to push them into purchase? In this blog post we'll go over the two-step process of identifying them and choosing the right method to push them into purchase.

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Start with identifying the hesitant visitors from the crowd

The first step is to recognize who you should be pushing into purchase - which visitors are those you want to and can push into purchase. On one hand, you don't want to interupt the buying process of someone who is already giving you money. Especially important, you don't want to be giving any margin-hurting discounts to those who are on their way to purchase anyway.

There is also no reason to spend effort to those who are not going to convert anyway - no matter what you do. These visitors might be on your shop just to dream, without any intention to buy. Heck, some of those visitors might even have already bought the product and are at your site just to confirm that they have made the right decision. Chasing these folks with discount coupons or other incentives is not going to give you anything.

To recognize the right people to push, you have two options:

  1. Manually create business rules to show incentives and service elements in certain situations you believe to be the situations that hesitant visitors find themselves in. Test your guesses and improve over time.
  2. Start using an intelligent targeting and let intelligent algorithms pick the visitors who show signs of hesitance.


Choose how to push hesitant visitors into purchase

After you have identified the people who are hesitant, choose how to push them into purchase - what incentives you are willing to use to turn those hesitators into buyers. Below are a couple of simple options, followed by an example of a situation where you might choose to use that incentive.

  • Discounts: give coupon codes eligible for small discounts to some visitors. E.g. for first time visitors, to those with valuable products on their cart or those who have previously abandoned their cart.
  • Reminders: actively remind your visitors about benefits that they have just earned or are close to earning. E.g. remind those who have exceeded your monetory treshold for free delivery that they are now entitled for it. Or remind those looking at your premium products that you offer free return policy.
  • Service: make your customer service available via online chat or priority customer service number if your visitor shows any signs of doubt.
  • Offer  3rd party services like financing options, extended warranties or insurances early in the purchase funnel in your premium product sections.

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