[How to] create a Lead Call to people abandoning your form

By giosg.com, on 25 October, 2016

If you have a live chat on your site and your site's goal is to get leads through forms (like the one on your 'Contact us' -page), you are probably already using behavioral Rules to initiate a chat conversation with the visitors most likely to abandon those forms. 

In our previous blog post we listed four ways to use automated Lead Call after your chat agents call it a day.  This is a hands-on article on how to create a Rule that triggers a Lead Call asking for a phone number, name and an open-ended question when a visitor navigates away from a form-page without filling the form.


Degree of Difficulty  Easy
Giosg Products  Lead Call, Rules
Time  20 min

So, we're creating a Lead Call that asks the visitor information:

  1. Phone Number
  2. Name
  3. Open-ended question

And we will connect it with a Rule that triggers when a visitor navigates away from a form without filling it. For the sake of the example, we assume that you redirect visitors who successfully complete the form to a page that has 'thank-you' in the url and that your form-page has the word 'form' in the url. Modify these as needed. (You can also set up the Rule based on other success-failure -indications such as Javascript evaluation. Chat with us if you need help with that).

Our Rule should have the following conditions:

  1. Previous page url contains [form]
  2. Current page url does not contain [thank-you]
  3. No chat operator is online (as we assume that you have similar Rule to trigger chat during the days)



1) First, let's create a Lead Call

  1. Sign in to giosg LIVE console, choose Lead Call and then Form definitions from the menu. Click "+ create new form" and choose either a static form (regular lead form, all questions at once) or a dialogue (one question at a time, option for delayed text). In this example, we chose the dialogue.

    How to lead call pt1.gif

  2. Drag and frop the fields in the order you want. For this example, we have to drag away the 'email address' -field and insert a 'Subject' field instead.

    How to lead call pt2.gif

  3. Navigate to User Interface -tab. Click the text fields to edit them. Remember that in dialogue-form, only the first input field is shown until the visitor fills that field, so the text directly below the field is meant to instruct the visitor what to do as the second field appears.

    You can add new fields of text by dragging them from the left-hand panel. You can also set the delay for new parts of text to appear by adjusting the blue numbers on the right to the text.

    By default, your Lead Form will look similar to you chat window. If you want to, you can customise the look of your Lead Form on the 'Look & Feel' tab by defining custom styling with css. On the 'Data' tab you can set the required input type of different fields (like a needed country code for phone number), but the default settings should do just fine.

    Finally, give your Lead Form a name on the top of the page and click 'Save and close' on the bottom of the page.

    How to lead call pt3.gif


2) Let's create a Rule to trigger that Lead Call

  1. Navigate to 'Rules' on the left-hand navigation. Click '+ Create new rule' on the room of your choice. Add a new condition and choose 'Previous page URL matching a JavaScript regular expression'. Write the part of your form-page url that spesifies that the page had a form. In our example that would be simply: form.

    Add a second condition and choose 'Full page URL containing the string'. Change the 'URL matches' to 'URL does NOT match'. Write the part of the url of your thank-you page (=the page where you redirect after a form is filled successfully). In this example that would be simply: thank-you.

    Add a third condition and choose 'Operator online presence'. Choose 'All operators are offline'. This is just to ensure that your Lead Call doesn't intevene with your chat Rules.

    How to lead call pt4.gif

  2. Go to the blue coloured 'Perform this action'. Choose 'Show a Lead Form' and select the Lead Form you just created from the second dropdown menu.

    Give your Rule a name on the red coloured Settings tab, set it to match only once in a session and click the 'Enabled' switch to green. Save changes on the bottom and you are live!

    How to lead call pt5.gif


3) Monitor results

Monitor your results in Rules Reporting
NB! The data is updated once in every 24 hours so you need to wait until the next day to get the first report.

If you have any questions or want to know more about creating Lead Calls, find us on the chat on the right or use our own Lead Call.


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