Creating a high-performing relationship between a financial giant and a tech firm [Video]

By, on 18 January, 2021

In today's digital age customers expect to receive top-of-the-line service and user experience when and where they want it. This puts companies under pressure to find new ways to impress customers and differentiate from the competition in an increasingly populated digital marketplace. To build an environment that nurtures innovation and meets the ever-evolving expectations of customers many businesses are now collaborating with smaller tech firms (like us!).

As a part of this, in November 2015, Danske Bank launched a new service called ‘Dreams come true’ with the help of Giosg. The solution provided uses intelligent analytics to first, find potential customers in the business’s partner network and then secondly, to offer these customers an opportunity to get real-time professional advice and financial solution when and where they need it. 

“A unique way of finding potential customers on the web, and [...] offer real–time financial advice and a financing solution to match their needs."

- quote on 'Dreams come true' service (source: Danske Bank Annual Report 2015)

Building partner networks is a great way to, not only improve the customer experience, but also, create a new revenue stream. Danske Bank, for example, offers mortgages for people who are looking for new properties on property websites and consumer loans for visitors browsing on ecommerce sites. Danske Bank’s online sales team takes care of all the discussions regardless of which partnersite the conversation starts. The customers mostly value that they get real-time professional advice when and where they need it.

We interviewed Johanna Kronholm, the head of digital, personal banking, at Danske Bank for insight on how Danske Bank has been able to enhance customer experience and boost their own and their partner’s business by providing potential customers across partner network a way to finance their dreams. Watch this short (2 min) video to hear what Johanna has to say .



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