If Insurance’s first six months with AI-powered chatbot Emma [Infographic]

By giosg.com, on 2 October, 2017

The hype around AI applications that is about to swipe through industries and the customer service function, in particular, is enormous, but so far we've seen little real-life experiences how the chatbots function, how's it like to implement one and what the results are. That's why we put together an interview with one of the early adopters of chatbots, If Insurance.

If Insurance was the first of our clients, who made an AI-based chatbot application available for their customers. In March 2017 they published Emma, a branded chatbot, to treat the website visitors on their public site if.fi. Emma, created by one of our partner chatbot providers, GetJenny, was taught to assist customers in their most frequent enquiries and guide them towards the right information, web pages or customer service assistants. The training took only a couple of months, and Emma has been live ever since.

We had a chance to interview If Insurance's team about the project and the benefits Emma has brought them. We learned that not only has Emma made 24/7 customer service possible, it has also cut down the time customer service agents spend on juggling customers between agents trying to understand what the customer wants. If's team was generous enough to share their 6 tips for a successful chatbot implementation and to explain in detail how the chatbot work. Based on the interview, we put together this infographic:


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