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How to increase Average Order Value (tips from e-commerce business owner that grew his by 55%)

Posted by Alina Lehtinen Vela, on 27 September, 2022

It has been a tough few months for e-commerce businesses, and many are looking for ways to increase their sales. A good way about this is to look at your Average Order Value. After all, it is much eas...

How to optimize checkout page for maximum sales

Posted by Alina Lehtinen Vela, on 12 September, 2022

The checkout page plays one of the most critical roles in your e-commerce store. You can potentially lose a customer for life if the checkout process isn’t smooth or if it raises red flags among websi...

All the Stats You Need About Online Shopping Trends

Posted by Alina Lehtinen Vela, on 19 August, 2022

Online shopping has been on the rise for the past decade, and the global pandemic gave it an even bigger boost. With more and more demographics getting comfortable with online shopping, new trends hav...

Best discount code strategies for e-commerce businesses

Posted by Alina Lehtinen Vela, on 27 September, 2022

If you own an e-commerce business you are probably already using discount codes. But have you ever stopped to analyse how well your discount code strategy is actually working?

The most effective way to collect feedback in e-commerce

Posted by Alina Lehtinen Vela, on 5 August, 2022

Let’s talk about feedback. Most online businesses agree that it’s difficult to improve the customer experience without collecting feedback. But, it’s also a challenge within itself to get feedback fro...

Retail TECH Highlights Power of Video Shopping Experiences

Posted by Alina Lehtinen Vela, on 8 June, 2022

APRIL 20-21, 2022. Giosg participates as an exhibitor in the Retail TECH Expo in Stockholm, Sweden.