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Six Reasons To Choose giosg LIVE

INCREASE conversion

We help our clients turn website visitors into paying customers. giosg LIVE connects you to your website visitors with greatest business potential and helps you bring in more sales. Our clients have reported conversions to go up by 52-370%. And that is a lot!

COLLECT sales leads

Collecting sales leads has never been easier. Once given access to giosg LIVE sales people have been able to connect with customers in earlier stages of the purchase processes. In B2B context every third visitor gives his or her contact information and becomes a sales lead after a conversation.  

GAIN knowledge

giosg tools are powered by our analytics platform and proprietary algorithms. We analyze website visitors' behaviour in real-time and calculate business potential for each visitor. Our analytics help you to understand your customers better than before. It works like magic but it is actually science!

Safe & Secure

Security of your data is of utmost importance for us! All giosg services and all the data are physically located within EU. All connections are TLS protected. Our security processes are based on ISO27001/27002. We provide bank grade security to your data.

Scalable & Customizable

We serve companies of all sizes from e-commerce, retail, telecommunication, travel, real estate and bank industries among many more. Our services are tailored from one man operations to multinational corporations. We provide designer tools and css editors for customizing the look and feel of giosg LIVE.

Fun & Easy

Using giosg LIVE is super fun! The user interface of giosg LIVE is like no other chat solution: with one glimpse you get an overview of your website's traffic and with one click you start a conversation. Learning to use giosg LIVE is fast and easy, we have you chatting with your most potential customers in no time!

Meet Some Of Our Happy Clients

One Month With giosg LIVE:
127158 Sales Conversations
1958986 Proactive Greetings
441799 Shopping Carts Tracked
2002 Active Users

giosg LIVE

giosg LIVE is an intelligent live chat solution with strong focus on sales. In the hands of sales people giosg LIVE becomes a lean, mean sales machinegiosg LIVE is the cornerstone of all giosg services and a powerful tool alone but when combined with other giosg services it really breaks loose. 

giosg BASKET

giosg BASKET is a must have add-on for e-commerce sites. With giosg BASKET sales people can see the monetary value of any customer's cart and the items in it. This knowledge helps you up-sell and cross-sell online like never before! 

giosg RULES

giosg RULES is a simple but ingenious customization and targeting tool for making your website even smarter and more alive. With RULES you can combine giosg LIVE with your marketing campaings or use it to personalize the shopping experience for each customer segment. 

giosg TEAMS

giosg TEAMS helps you direct customers to the right person or team automatically thus cutting down extra questions and waiting times. For example you can have separate teams serving new and existing customers. With TEAMS expertise is provided fast and with highest customer satisfaction



giosg LEAD CALL is an amazing tool for collecting sales leads and feedback from on website. giosg LEAD CALL greets visitors independently when chat resources are unavailable and collects contact information. LEAD CALL combines visitors' information with analytics data. Bye bye, cold calling!

giosg API

We provide agile and robust API for our enterprise customers. giosg services can be integrated with your CRM, CC and other ICT systems. For more details, contact our crew!

The Story Of In A Nutshell Ltd was founded in 2011 to help companies sell more online. Our team has grown to about 20 young talents. We provide tools for online sales with giosg LIVE spearheading our service offering. 

Ahoy, we are looking for crew members!

giosg Crew has open positions for a sales-oriented data wizard (analyst), skillful front-end developer and energetic sales assistant. What are you waiting for, read more about careers at giosg.  

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